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This beautiful blue seaside city in North-Western Morocco was a perfect day trip for us out of Marrakesh. Like the Atlas Mountains, this city gave us another opportunity to see a different side of Morocco that we had yet to experience.

The first thing you will probably notice is the blue boats on the coastline and the smell of fish. Essaouira was once a trading Port but is now a fishermans haven. Just outside of the UNESCO Medina walls of Essaouira, you can walk along the coastline and pass men selling fish from their own stalls. This once Port, is now a fish market.

There is a very noticeable theme here in Essaouria. The rich blue that overpowers the backdrop of the white and beige buildings makes this city a truly a stunning place. Even more special is that the Medina is a UNESCO heritage site due to being well preserved since the 18th-century as a typical seaport town which once traded between Europe and other parts of the world. To add to the criteria for being a heritage site, is that the well known French architect, Vauban, designed the wall that surrounds Essaouria. This wall however is probably now most popular because of it's role within the tv series, Games of Thrones.

Within the Medina is a less-intense, and smaller version of the souks that you will experience in Marrakesh. There is also a more relaxed vibe to Essaouria than we had experienced anywhere else in Morocco.

This was definitely the perfect place to just stop, sit, have a mint tea and people watch. We were able to wander around this city and get lost and marvel at the wonderful white and blue walls.

Sadly we only spent a day in Essaouria. I could have easily stayed for a day or two longer and I think it is a vital stop if you are travelling through Morocco to recharge the batteries.


If you stayed in Essaouria for longer than us, we would love to hear about other experiences that you would recommend in this wonderful city.


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