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Eat your way around Dubrovnik

During our short time in Dubrovnik, we came across the following restaurants and foods which I feel are all worth a mention and to keep an eye out for.


First on the list is Otto (you must try this place)!! We kind of stumbled across this little gem as we were searching for some dinner around our Airbnb location. There didn’t appear to be much that we fancied, therefore turning to TripAdvisor we found #20 on the restaurant list nearby. This little restaurant is cute but elegant. It is a stone dome shape on the inside, very clean, and had a nice cosy feel to it. You can find Otto across from the Gruz Port which is about a 15 minute walk from outside of the city walls.  

The menu was small but at the same time it had too many great meals to choose from with a mix of both seafood and meat options. I opted for the mussels and lamb cutlets while Kris ordered the shrimp and ribs. Those mussels! The serving size of the mussels was particularly generous and the white wine sauce was fabulous. We both had one of the best meals either of us have had in a very long time (there's a giveaway on our cooking abilities). The meat was delicate and fell off the bone. The desserts, although we were too full to try, looked delicious and well presented. The staff were very assertive and absolutely lovely. I feel like it should be rated higher, but nethertheless a highly recommended place for anyone who enjoys seafood and meat.

Two starters, two main meals and two .5L steins = 465 Kuna l £55


​​A ‘Seafood Street Food’. Delicious burgers which were huge, or a platter of street food style seafood. The burgers were made from different seafoods; tuna, prawn or octopus.

There was a quirky vibe to this little restaurant in the wall, as you could decorate wooden forks and display within the restaurant. Hopefully my fork is still standing strong. #Australia

We shared an Octopus burger & each had two large beers. Cost 160 Kuna l £20


A local delicate which carries controversy as to where it originally came from. Croatia, Bosnia or Serbia? Either way, Burek is essentially a pastry that can be purchased in three different flavours; cheese, apple or meat. The 'traditional' Burek has meat in it, found typically in Bosnia.

You can get Burek from local bakeries around Dubrovnik. We found a cheese and apple Burek in the bakery situated on Croatia's Main Street in the Old Town. Ask the locals, they will point you in the right direction.

Cost 22kuna l £2.70


A Croatian 'fast food' restaurant, named Presa. We came here for dinner for a quick meal. We were efficiently served and food came within 10 minutes. We ordered Chivapi, a local meat, and a chicken presa burger. The burger was the size of my head & Kris’s chivapi with fries and a bread bun was enormous. The fries here are delicious!

The meals were cooked nicely and I would classify them as a ‘healthier’ alternative to fast food. We were full to the brim after this meal. If given more time in Dubrovnik I definitely would have eaten here again.

Two main meals, serving of fries and two .5L steins. Cost 208kuna l £25

Konoba Jezuite

Only looking for a place to sit and enjoy a coffee, this place was inviting with its heated lamps and blankets on a cooler Dubrovnik morning. The staff were lovely who gave us tuna patte and bread on the house. We ended up enjoying two coffees each and decided a early lunch of fresh calamari rings would see us through to the early evening. The seafood was extraordinarily fresh and served as a calamari ring should (see picture). Again, the price was reasonable and the coffee was of good quality and served in lovely large glasses.

Four coffee's (two each) & calamari rings. Cost 200 Kuna I £27

Sadly we were only in Dubrovnik for a few days. Without a doubt there are many other fabulous places that come highly recommended. If you have one, please add below. We would love to go back to Dubrovnik and try new places.



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